Performing searches

Basically, searches can be performed by using keywords or browsing through the menu, using our classification of links.

Using keywords:

One or more keywords can be entered in the small search box near the upper right corner.

You can perform simple searches by typing in some keywords or more sophisticated searches by using logical operators (AND, OR ), grouping words/phrases using parentheses or quotes, and using the wild card character "*" at the end of a stem or phrase. Here are some illustrative search queries:

Search type Syntax How it works

chemistry art
chemistry AND art

Both words are required. This will match exact forms, and not, for example arts.
chem* AND art
Both words are required, but the first can has a wildcard (*): it will match chemical, chemist, chemistry, ...
ANY WORD space OR astronomy Either space or astronomy will be matched.
EXACT PHRASE 'global change' Occurrences are found if the record contains the same words, in the same order.
COMPLEX QUERY (tender OR proposals) AND ESA The system will look for exact matches of either tender or proposals and show the records where ESA also occurs. Please note that tenders or proposal will not be matched (see next example).
COMPLEX QUERY + TRUNCATION (tender* or proposal*) AND ESA

This will match any of tender, tenders (but also tenderness!!!), proposal, proposals in presence with ESA.


Using menus

The links have been classified in accordance with a schematic structure which covers every aspect of the research in Belgium. It can deal with funding as well as jobs search, research centres, standards, science diffusion or databases. A detailed tree view of this classification is available on this page under the section "Sitemap".

Restricting scope (Authorities)

In Belgium, scientific research policy is established by various public authorities, i.e. the Federal State, the Communities and the Regions. Research centres, institution, organizations, advisory bodies, etc. can depend on one (or more!) of these public authorities. After you have performed a search using the menu, you may want to restrict results to an authority/scope. Use the drop-down list shown below.
N.B.: "n/a" means "not applicable"; EU stands for European Union.

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