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  Entrez is a Life Sciences search engine. Entrez is an initiative of the National (USA) Center for Biotechnology Information. It comprises literature databases (Pubmed, pubmed central, etc.), molecular databases (structures, genes, taxonomy, etc.), genomes databases and many more tools.
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EU Center
  EU Center offers information on European funding sources and tender opportunities. A search engine allows performing sector specific and organization-specific queries.
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  Inventory of the Belgian scientific potential. INVENT contains research data collected by the Flemish and French speaking Communities and by the Federal Authority. You can perform data searches on projects, units and research personnel.
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Online JOurnals Search Engine (OJOSE)
  OJOSE is a free search engine that allows querying different scientific publications databases (journals, articles, research reports, books, etc.) by using only 1 search field.
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  PubMed Central (PMC) is the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.
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Scirus (science-specific search engine)
  Scirus is a science-specific search engine that covers:
  • 200million science-related Web pages
  • 17 million records from sources such as ScienceDirect, IDEAL, MEDLINE on BioMedNet, Beilstein on ChemWeb, Neuroscion, BioMed Central, US Patent Office, E-Print ArXiv, Chemistry Preprint Server, Mathematics Preprint Server, CogPrints and NASA.
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Unicat (Union Catalogue of Belgian Libraries)
  UniCat is a union catalogue of Belgian libraries. It currently holds some 13 million records from Belgian university libraries and the Royal Library.
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