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BeWiSe: Belgian Women in Science
  BeWiSe is dedicated to achieving equal and full participation of women in all scientific disciplines and at all levels.
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European Platform of Women Scientists
  The European Platform of Women Scientists, located in Brussels, supports existing national, European and international networks of women scientists.
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Institute for the equality of women and men
  The Institute for the equality for women and men promotes the equality of women and men and fights against any form of discrimination and inequality based on gender in all aspects of life through the development. It contributes to implementating an adequate legal framework, appropriate structures, strategies, instruments and actions.
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International OECD Workshop on Women in Scientific Careers, Paris
  Held in November 2006, this workshop addresses conditions of labour market entry and employment for women in research, segregations and policies settled for a better access of women to high-level scientific careers.
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She Figures 2006
  Women and Science: Statistics and indicators 2006 of the European Commission.
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The Helsinki Group
  The Helsinki Group helps the European Commission build a clear picture of the situation of Women and science at the national level. It has appointed national statistical correspondents to help the Commission gather and compile sex-disaggregated statistics and build gender-sensitive indicators.
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Women and Science (CORDIS)
  Women and science is integrated in the Science and Society activities of the European Commission. Documents, links and state of the art for the 6th Framework Programme.
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