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Agrobiopôle wallon
  l'Agrobiopôle wallon est un centre d'expertise dans le secteur de l'agronomie et des biotechnologies. Son activité consiste à susciter, promouvoir et mettre en valeur, au départ des institutions d'enseignement et de recherches implantées à Gembloux, des recherches en sciences agronomiques et en biotechnologie dans la perspective d'un développement durable.
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Antarctic Research Projects, Phase VI (2006-2010)
  List of the ongoing projects of the Antarctic research programme.
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Association internationale des professionnels et usagers des bioénergies (ITEBE)
  ITEBE is an international professional organization promoting the use of bioenergies and supporting the entreprises active in this domain.
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Belgian Scientific Research Programme on the Antarctic
  This website contains information on the Antarctic Treaty and on completed and current research projects.
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Biodiversity Resources in Belgium Literature
  List containing reference to recommended literature for the study of biodiversity.
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Biomass valorization
  Valbiom helps non-food valorization of biomass considering environmental protection and sustainable development. Activities cover Energy biomass and chemistry biomass (renewable raw materials) chains.
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Call for proposal - 'Science for a sustainable development' Programme
  Information available in French and Dutch only.
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Centre Entreprise-Environnement (CEE) (Environment-Enterprise Centre)
  The CEE was created to promote fundamental research, applied research and teaching in environmental management. It is organized to foster information exchanges, creating synergies between the academic and business worlds, in a global, multi-cultural and fast moving environment.
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Centre for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment (CESSE)
  The CEESE is a pluri-disciplinary research centre of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) which devotes its activities to the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of economic-environmental interactions. The fields of research are mainly:
  • Energy and air pollution including climate change
  • Mobility, transport modes and their environmental impacts
  • Sustainable development
  • Economic instrument: taxes, tradable permits
  • Environmental management
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Centrum Milieueconomie en Milieumanagement
  This research centre of the Universiteit Gent (UGent) studies the integration of the factor natural environment in economics and business administration.
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