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  Support measure of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office to provide scientific support to Federal Institutions towards constitution and exploitation of the information content of federal databases with a socio-economic purpose.
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European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE)
  This neutral, independent, pluralist and multidisciplinary body advises the European Commission on ethical aspects of science and new technologies in connection with the preparation and implementation of Community legislation or policies.
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Federal Planning Bureau
  Carries out macro-economic forecasting, evaluates the consequences of economic and social policy decisions and performs structural analysis of the economic, social and environmental issues.
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Genocide Research Center
  The Genocide Research Center is a nonprofit organization which concentrates on the study, detection and prevention of genocides.
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Institut wallon de líEvaluation, de la Prospective et de la Statistique (IWEPS) (Department of Surveys and Statistics)
  This department centralizes all statistical data useful for the Walloon Region and carries out all studies exploiting these data. The Institut wallon de líEvaluation, de la Prospective et de la Statistique (IWEPS) is a scientific institute integrated within the Ministry of the Walloon Region.
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Institute of Social and Political Opinion Research (ISPO)
  The ISPO was founded in 2002. The research areas of the ISPO are fourfold: election studies, research on minorities, value and value change studies, and methodology of quantitative and qualitative research.
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International Centre of Research and Information on the Public and Cooperative Economy (CIRIEC)
  The CIRIEC is an international non governmental scientific organisation which aims to collect information, carry out scientific research and publish documents related to the economical sectors and activities oriented towards services of general and collective interests (evolution of the governance structures, public services, new economy regulation modes,...).
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Joint Research Centre (European Commission)
  The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the European Unionís scientific and technical research laboratory and a Directorate-General of the European Commission. It supports EU policy makers in the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of policies to tackle transnational and global problems. The institute carries out research of direct concern to citizens and industry in the field of food contamination, genetic modification, chemical hazards, global change, pollution, effects on health and nuclear safety.
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Programm "Society and Future": Second call for proposals
  On February 25, 2005, the Council of Ministers approved the research programme "Society and Future". The first call for proposals took place in 2005 and the second one was launched in September 2006 by the Belgian Science Policy Office. The second call includes two phases: (I) submission of the pre-proposals and (II) submission of the full proposals. These full proposals can only be submitted by research teams who succeeded in the first phase.
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Protection Juridique du Citoyen (Projucit)
  Research activities: translating into the Law the citizens expectation and making a effective and efficient protection possible in a self-determined state. University Faculties of Namur (FUNDP)
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