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Agricultural Research Centre of Gembloux (CRA)
  The CRA is a multi-disciplinary research institute. The research activities cover biotechnology, pesticide research, crop production, agricultural engineering, quality of agricultural products,...
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Belgian Assimilation System of Chemical Observations from Envisat
  The Belgian Assimilation System of Chemical Observations from Envisat (BASCOE) is an operational service providing chemical analyses from the assimilation of chemical observations made by dedicated instruments onboard Envisat.
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Belgian Centre for Corrosion Study (CEBELCOR)
  CEBELCOR’s activities are focused on basic and applied research, studies of industrial problems and training. The activities cover all forms of metallic corrosion and all industrial sectors.
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Belgian Polymer Group
  Belgian Polymer Group serves as a forum for discussions among scientists from universities and industry involved in polymer science in Belgium.
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Belgian Research Centre for Pipes and Fittings (BECETEL)
  BECETEL promotes, studies, improves and develops plastics and associated products. The centre carries out scientific research, develops new testing methods, promotes standardization...
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CECAM (European Centre for Atomic and Molecular Computations)
  CECAM is a centre funded by twelve national Institutions from 8 European countries with the aim to support computational physics and chemistry in the field of Condensed Matter, Atomic and Molecular Physics and Statistical Mechanics. It is hosted by the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon. Main activities include research at the site, tutorials and workshops. For Belgium CECAM is financially supported by the FNRS and the FWO.
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Centre d'Analyse des Résidus en Traces (CART)
  The CART performs basic and applied research in the field of chemical and biochemical analytical methods applied to trace compounds in food, feed, environmental matrices, animals and humans. It develops genomics and proteomics based methods for the monitoring of exposure to xenobiotics through the food chain. The CART is a centre of the University of Liège (ULg).
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Centre de l' Oxygène, Recherche et Développement (CORD)
  Multidisciplinary studies on oxygen metabolism and pathological changes that it can cause through noxious agents production. University of Liège (ULg).
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Centre de Recherches, d'Essais et de Contrôles pour l'Industrie Textile (CRECIT) (Research, Testing and Control Centre of the Textile Industry)
  The centre is active in the conservation and restoration of tapestries and carpets and is equipped with laboratories for the analysis and control of the textile (composition, solidity test), the colouring of the textile (for restoration) and the analysis of the process water.
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CEntre de Ressources TEchnologiques en CHimie (CERTECH) (Technological Resource Centre in Chemistry)
  Provides services to the chemical industry and promotes technological innovations. Expertise in the field of polymers, catalysis and air quality. This centre is also an incubator.
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