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Admiral Gago Coutinho International Prize
  This prize (amount EUR 2.500) is given each two years to distinguish original research work developed within the Earth Sciences field. Contribution (in Portuguese, French or English) exhibits the level of a PhD thesis and must express the results of unpublished research work. This prize is given as part of the value of the legacy of the Admiral Gago Coutinho to the Lisbon Geographical Society. Admiral Gago Coutinho (1869-1959) was a historian, geographer and mathematician.
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Antarctic Research Projects, Phase VI (2006-2010)
  List of the ongoing projects of the Antarctic research programme.
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Belgian Scientific Research Programme on the Antarctic
  This website contains information on the Antarctic Treaty and on completed and current research projects.
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Centre de Physique du Globe in Dourbes (CPG)
  Fundamental and applied research centre under the authority of the Royal Meteorological Centre of Belgium. Its mission is the study and observation of important geophysical phenomena. English website in construction.
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EOEdu (Belgian Earth Observation)
  Science diffusion website introducing remote sensing and Earth observation.
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ESA Kids
  Science diffusion website of the European Space Agency, for kids.
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Festival du Film Scientifique de Bruxelles
  From 21 to 25 March 2011. 15 science movies will be shown in the Delvaux Auditorium (ULB).
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Geological Survey of Belgium
  The Geological Survey of Belgium is in charge of studying the matters concerning extractive rocks deposits and hydrology. It is now part of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.
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Global Geodynamic Project (GGP)
  The Global Geodynamic Project monitors changes in the Earth's gravity field at periods of seconds and longer. The GGP investigates how to use gravity data to solve a number of geodynamic problems; ICET (International Center for Earth Tides) and ROB (Royal Observatory of Belgium) are involved in this project.
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International Centre for Earth Tides (ICET)
  The ICET is hosted by the Royal Observatory of Belgium. Collects, evaluates and compares all the available measurements on earth tides. The information is diffused via the "Bulletin d'Informations des Marées Terrestres" which is available online.
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