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Académie Royale de Médecine de Belgique (Royal Belgian Academy for Medicine)
  The Academy advices the authorities on all matters related to the medicine. Regular meetings and publications allow national and international researchers to expose the last progress in biomedical research. The Academy also supports research in the different fields of medicine by granting prizes to the researchers.
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ARSMB. - KVBMG (Royal Association of Belgian Medical Scientific Societies)
  The association counts 18 societies and aims at encouraging all activities contributing to the progress in medical science and to the scientific impact of the Belgian medical societies. It contributes to the publication of articles and ensures the distribution of 7 journals.
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Belgian Biosafety Server
  This website is essentially focusing on scientific and regulatory aspects of biological safety of human activities using pathogenic and/or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The information provided concerns both R&D and market parameters of the agro-food/feed, pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary, agronomic and environmental sectors, local and international regulations, guidelines and agencies involved in biological safety.
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Belgian EMBnet Node
  BEN, the Belgian node of EMBnet, is a joint initiative of both Free Universities of Brussels (ULB and VUB) and is financially supported by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. It provides scientific researchers in Belgium, both academic and industrial, with an access to up-to-date databases with nucleic acid and protein sequences, as well as the necessary software to search these databanks and perform various sequence analyses.
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Belgian Scientific Institute of Public Health (IPH-ISP-WIV) - Jobs
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BioLiège - A pool of excellence in biotechnology
  It is an association of academic units and biotechnology companies enhancing cross-fertilization between industrial and academic research in the field of biotechnology. It stimulates contacts and collaboration with other universities in Belgium and abroad, acts as a privileged intermediary between biotechnologists and regulatory or funding authorities and sets up interactive forums and debates on current issues.
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Biomedical Research Institute (Biomed)
  Biomed collects the expertise of the former Dr. L. Willems-Institute and the research activities of the faculty of medicine of the University of Hasselt(UHAsselt). The main research areas are autoimmunity research, cell injury and death, oncology research, clinical trials.
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  Walloon competitiveness hub for life sciences and health
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Bordet Institute for Cancer Research
  The Bordet Institute, the oncological centre of the ULB, is a multidisciplinary hospital with a triple mission related to the fight against cancer : treatment, teaching and research.
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Centre de l' Oxygène, Recherche et Développement (CORD)
  Multidisciplinary studies on oxygen metabolism and pathological changes that it can cause through noxious agents production. University of Liège (ULg).
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