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Agricultural Research Centre of Gembloux (CRA)
  The CRA is a multi-disciplinary research institute. The research activities cover biotechnology, pesticide research, crop production, agricultural engineering, quality of agricultural products,...
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Agrobiopôle wallon
  l'Agrobiopôle wallon est un centre d'expertise dans le secteur de l'agronomie et des biotechnologies. Son activité consiste à susciter, promouvoir et mettre en valeur, au départ des institutions d'enseignement et de recherches implantées à Gembloux, des recherches en sciences agronomiques et en biotechnologie dans la perspective d'un développement durable.
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Belgian Bioindustries Association (BBA)
  The BBA is a non-profit organisation bringing together biotechnological forces and expertise in Belgium to promote biotechnology development and actively represent and support its members in Belgium and abroad.
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Belgian Bioindustries Directory
  The BIB Directory is a search engine which allows to retrieve key data about more than 400 companies, universities and institutions. The organizations can be selected using various criteria : name, type, sector or region. A single company profile provides you with basic information but also concrete description of activities plus specific sections (e.g. staff, products, cooperation partners, research...).
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Belgian Biosafety Server
  This website is essentially focusing on scientific and regulatory aspects of biological safety of human activities using pathogenic and/or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The information provided concerns both R&D and market parameters of the agro-food/feed, pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary, agronomic and environmental sectors, local and international regulations, guidelines and agencies involved in biological safety.
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Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms (BCCM)
  The BCCM constitute a consortium of four complementary research-based culture collections financed by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. They provide access to numerous well-documented and authenticated strains of bacteria, plasmids, fungi…
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Belgian EMBnet Node
  BEN, the Belgian node of EMBnet, is a joint initiative of both Free Universities of Brussels (ULB and VUB) and is financially supported by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. It provides scientific researchers in Belgium, both academic and industrial, with an access to up-to-date databases with nucleic acid and protein sequences, as well as the necessary software to search these databanks and perform various sequence analyses.
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Belgian Royal Institute for the Improvement of the Sugar Beet (IRBAB-KBIVB)
  The scientific activities are oriented to the reduction of the production costs by a controlled use of the production input. Research themes are e.g., seed quality and variety, plant protection, derived products.
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  As professional branch of essenscia (formerly known as Fedichem), Bio.be groups members of essenscia and associated entreprises settling biotechnology processes. It follows up legislative works, rules and standards in relation with biotechnology, diffuses information on this sector, and informs authorities and the general public on the stands taken by the chemistry.
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BioLiège - A pool of excellence in biotechnology
  It is an association of academic units and biotechnology companies enhancing cross-fertilization between industrial and academic research in the field of biotechnology. It stimulates contacts and collaboration with other universities in Belgium and abroad, acts as a privileged intermediary between biotechnologists and regulatory or funding authorities and sets up interactive forums and debates on current issues.
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