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Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI-CSTC-WTCB)
  The BBRI is a research and information institute for the Belgian construction sector performing applied research in construction related disciplines (physics of buildings, material sciences,...) and giving information about standards.
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Belgian Centre for Corrosion Study (CEBELCOR)
  CEBELCOR’s activities are focused on basic and applied research, studies of industrial problems and training. The activities cover all forms of metallic corrosion and all industrial sectors.
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Belgian Ceramic Research Centre (BCRC)
  Carries out scientific and technological research for manufacturers producing and using ceramics. Participates in European research projects with industrial and academic partners. Brings together CRIBC-CWOBKN (Centre de Recherches de l'Industrie Belge de la Céramique - Centrum voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek van de Belgische Keramische Nijverheid) and INISMa (Institut National des Silicates, Sols et Matériaux).
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Belgian Polymer Group
  Belgian Polymer Group serves as a forum for discussions among scientists from universities and industry involved in polymer science in Belgium.
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Belgian Research Centre for Pipes and Fittings (BECETEL)
  BECETEL promotes, studies, improves and develops plastics and associated products. The centre carries out scientific research, develops new testing methods, promotes standardization...
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Belgian Research Centre of the Cement Industy
  The CRIC-OCCN is a centre of competence for research, testing, expertise and analysis in the field of cement and its application. It is also a certification body at national (BENOR mark of conformity) and European level.
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Belgian Road Research Centre
  Helps private companies and public authorities to find solutions for the design, construction and maintenance of an efficient high-quality road infrastructure under optimum economic conditions. It also examines the problems of safety, mobility and environment raised by modern road transport.
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Belgian Welding Institute (BWI)
  Non-profit organisation which promotes the collective interest of companies, training and research centres, schools and individuals engaged in the field of welding and joining materials. Active in research, technology transfer, standardization and certification as well as training.
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Cel Kunststoffen
  Cel Kunststoffen's research focuses on plastic processing industry. Cel Kunststoffen is a research group of the Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg (KHLim) - Department Industriële Wetenschappen en Technologie (IWT)
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  Excellency pole in aeronautics research, CENAERO groups 3 universities (ULg, UCL and ULB), the Von Karman Institute and 6 companies (Sonaca, Sabca, Alcatel-Etca, Techspace Aero, Samtech and FFT).
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