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Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI-CSTC-WTCB)
  The BBRI is a research and information institute for the Belgian construction sector performing applied research in construction related disciplines (physics of buildings, material sciences,...) and giving information about standards.
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Belgian Ceramic Research Centre (BCRC)
  Carries out scientific and technological research for manufacturers producing and using ceramics. Participates in European research projects with industrial and academic partners. Brings together CRIBC-CWOBKN (Centre de Recherches de l'Industrie Belge de la Céramique - Centrum voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek van de Belgische Keramische Nijverheid) and INISMa (Institut National des Silicates, Sols et Matériaux).
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Belgian Polymer Group
  Belgian Polymer Group serves as a forum for discussions among scientists from universities and industry involved in polymer science in Belgium.
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  Excellency pole in aeronautics research, CENAERO groups 3 universities (ULg, UCL and ULB), the Von Karman Institute and 6 companies (Sonaca, Sabca, Alcatel-Etca, Techspace Aero, Samtech and FFT).
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Centre interfacultaire des biomatériaux (CEIB)
  Pluridisciplinary and integrated research activity from the first draft leading to the design of a biomaterial to its final industrial application. University of Liège (ULg).
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Centrum voor Oppervlaktechemie en Katalyse (COK) Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis
  Large interdisciplinary team involved in teaching and research in the chemistry of the interphases solid-gas, solid-liquid, and solid-solid. Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven).
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Collective Centre of Belgian Technological Industry (SIRRIS, ex-CRIF-WTCM)
  SIRRIS (formerly known as CRIF-WTCM) is the Belgian collective centre for technology industry. It advises and assists firms in technology innovation. Experts visit them, give advice, initiate projects and support the client until the implementation. SIRRIS keeps also the firms informed of the new technologies, as well as of evolutions, norms and developments through its website, its newsletters, roadmaps, seminars and trainings. Offers also a technology watch service.
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Departement Electrotechniek (ESAT) (Department Electrical Engineering)
  The Electrotechnics Department (ESAT) is active in teaching and research. Research is carried on in 7 departments: MICAS (Microelektronica en Sensoren - Microelectronics and sensors), PSI (Centrum voor Beeld en Spraak - Centre for Imaging and sound), TEO (Toegepaste Elektronica en Optica - Applied electronics and optics), ELEN (Elektrische Energie - Electric Energy), ACCA (Toepassingsgestuurde Configuratie van Computerarchitecturen - Application driven configuration and system architecture),TELEMIC (Telecommunicatie en Microgolven - Telecom and micro-waves), en SISTA/COSIC (Signalen, Identificatie, Systeemtheorie en Automatisatie/ Computerbeveiliging en Industriële Cryptografie - signals, identification, system theory and automation), and an associated teaching unit, INSYS. Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven)
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Flanders Nano Bio Alliance
  Flemish network for research and business in nano- and biotechnology.
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Grand European initiative on Nanoscience and nanotechnology using NEutron and SYnchrotron Sources (Gennesys)
  Gennesys is a network of institutions and experts that promotes nanomaterials science and technology. They also aim to identify how to optimalise the use of synchotrons in order to improve knowledge in this field.
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