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Access to UNESCO full text documents (UNESDOC/UNESBIB)
  Documents of the General Conference and the Executive Board; main and working series documents; reports and documents of meetings and conferences organized by UNESCO; documents of UNESCO institutes and regional offices; speeches of the director-general.
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Belgian Historical Institute in Rome
  Founded in 1902, the institute deals with the history of Belgium and its relations with Italy, but more particularly, with Rome. Its objective is achieved by research done in Italy by (young) scholars of history, art history, philology and archaeology.
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Center for American Studies
  The Center for American Studies promotes research in relation with the United States of America, in all fields of human and social sciences. It is located at the Royal Library of Belgium.
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Centre de Recherches René Magritte (René Magritte Research Centre)
  The René Magritte Research Centre promotes all studies contributing to making known the life and work of René Magritte. The René Magritte Research Centre is a research centre of the Free University of Brussels (ULB).
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Centre de Recherches, d'Essais et de Contrôles pour l'Industrie Textile (CRECIT) (Research, Testing and Control Centre of the Textile Industry)
  The centre is active in the conservation and restoration of tapestries and carpets and is equipped with laboratories for the analysis and control of the textile (composition, solidity test), the colouring of the textile (for restoration) and the analysis of the process water.
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Centre for the Study of Fifteenth-Century Painting in the Southern Netherlands and the Principality of Liège
  The Study Centre, created in 1949, is specialised in fifteenth-century painting of the Southern Netherlands and the Prinicpality of Liège. It has developed into the initiator of international research on the 'Flemish Primitives'. Its objective is three-fold: to collect art historical documentation, to carry out and encourage scientific research, to produce three series of publications.
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  EXTRA-EDU, the Educateam website Educational department - Royal Museums of Fine Arts - Magritte Museum
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Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM)
  This institute is active in the following research areas: foundations of music research (interdisciplinary research on the analysis of human perception and cognition of musical sounds); archiving, conservation and restoration of audio archives; interactive multimedia technology applied to performing arts; musical audio mining; emotion, affect and expressiveness in art. The IPEM is a research centre of the University of Ghent (UG).
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Instituut voor het Archeologisch Patrimonium (IAP) (Flemish Institute for Archeological Heritage)
  This institute is in charge of scientific research of the archeological patrimony, such as the excavation possibilities and works, the setting up of necessary rules for the conservation of the patrimony and the documentation on the excavations performed in Flanders.
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Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp (Royal Museum of Fine Arts)
  Oldest and most important museum of the Flemish Community. The museum offers a survey of art in the Southern Netherlands from about 1350.
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