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  Support measure of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office to provide scientific support to Federal Institutions towards constitution and exploitation of the information content of federal databases with a socio-economic purpose.
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Centre de Recherche en Défense Sociale
  Research on diagnosis, etiology, treatment, reintegration of mentally disturbed persons.
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Centre de Recherches Informatique et Droit (CRID)
  The CRID performs basic and applied research on law and economics in Information Technology. Main fields of study are: e-business, intellectual property, convergence of Law and Technology, Telecommunications, privacy. The CRID is a centre of the University of Namur (FUNDP)
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Centre d'étude de la vie politique de l'ULB (CEVIPOL) (Research centre of political life)
  The CEVIPOL (Research centre of political life) is a research centre of the ULB (Free University of Brussels). Research deals with Belgian policy makers in institutional frameworks: national, regional and European parliaments, governments, European Commission and Council, ...
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Centre for Philosophy of Law
  The Center for Philosophy of Law is an autonomous research entity of the catholic University of Louvain (UCL), which specific aim is to develop a theory of democratic governance adapted to contemporary society.
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Centre for Risk and Insurance Studies (CRIS)
  This centre aims at promoting research in the broad sector of private insurance with a multidisciplinary approach (insurance law, actuarial science, economic science and systems safety).
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Centrum Milieueconomie en Milieumanagement
  This research centre of the Universiteit Gent (UGent) studies the integration of the factor natural environment in economics and business administration.
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Centrum voor Intellectuele Rechten (CIR) (Centre for Intellectual Property Rights)
  Researchers of the centre carry out in-depth research into areas such as the legal protection of biotechnological inventions, the intellectual property rights of university inventors, copyright law in the changing culture and society of the Russian Federation, the interaction between intellectual property rights and (technical) standardisation, and the impact of the information society on intellectual property rights.
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CRIOC-OIVO (Research and Information Centre of the Consumers Organisations)
  This centre is a research institute of public utility financed by the federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. The research focuses on the analysis of consumer behaviour, products and services, and on different aspects of consumption. It also provides technical support to the consumers' organisations.
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Droits fondamentaux, lien social
  This multidisciplinary centre researches norm and functioning of institutions as regards theirs relations with excluded people (marginalized by poverty or precariousness, children, ethnic minorities, etc. ). University of Namur.
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