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(DIRACT-DIOVAR) National Research Institute on Work Conditions
  The main goal of the DIRACT-DIOVAR is to stimulate practical research that can help to solve problems that arise in entreprises and institutions (industrial and commercial firms, non-profit sector). DIRACT-DIOVAR proposes its methods, instruments and gives advice on concrete situations to anyone who wishes to improve conditions and quality of work. The institute was formerly known as IRNCT-NOVA.
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  Support measure of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office to provide scientific support to Federal Institutions towards constitution and exploitation of the information content of federal databases with a socio-economic purpose.
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Association universitaire de recherche en action publique (AURAP)
  AURAP is a universitary research and teaching unit of the University of Louvain-La-Neuve (UCL). It conducts research supported by the public sector (European Union, Belgian Federal Science Policy Office, Brussels-Capital Region and National Bank of Belgium), gives courses in the UCL's Faculty of Political Science, Economics and Sociology; and participates in continued training modules notably for public sector workers. AURAP's activities concentrates mainly on public affairs and policies.
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Centre de Recherche en Economie Publique et de la Population (CREPP)
  Applying economic analysis methods to the study of public economics issues, economics in labour studies, populations. Research unit of the University of Liège.
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Centre de recherche et d’information socio-politiques (CRISP) (Centre for socio-political research and information)
  The CRISP focuses on the study of decision-making in Belgium and Europe. The research objectives are to shed some light upon the real stakes of decision-making at Belgian and European level, to explain its mechanisms, and to analyze the role of all the actors involved, whether they are political, economical, social or originate from the civil society.
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Centre d'etudes et de recherches en administration publique (CERAP)
  Organises lectures, conferences and colloquia, publishes and sells publications on public management. CERAP also publishes the journal " Pyramides". Free University of Brussels (ULB).
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Digitale Archivering in Vlaamse Instellingen en Diensten (DAVID) (Digital Archiving in Flemish Institutions and Administrations)
  Flemish project about digital archiving in a governmental environment, considering juridical (data integrity, confidentiality) and technical (compatibility, accessibility) issues. DAVID is a project of the Foundation for Scientific Research within the scope of the Max Wildiers Foundation and is a cooperation between the Antwerp City Archives and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and Informatics (ICRI) of the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL).
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Droits fondamentaux, lien social
  This multidisciplinary centre researches norm and functioning of institutions as regards theirs relations with excluded people (marginalized by poverty or precariousness, children, ethnic minorities, etc. ). University of Namur.
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European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM)
  International Network for Management Research and Teaching that contains over 33,000 Management Scientists from all over the World.
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Federal Planning Bureau
  Carries out macro-economic forecasting, evaluates the consequences of economic and social policy decisions and performs structural analysis of the economic, social and environmental issues.
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