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Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF)
  The Belgian subsidy to the Belgian American Educational Foundation is intended to permit this Foundation to award scholarships to Belgian students in order to encourage them to continue their studies, notably at American universities.
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Belgian Federal Science Policy Office
  Science Policy administration of the federal authority responsible a.o. for the conception and implementation of research programmes and networks, the management of Belgium's participation to European and international organizations (ESA, ESO, ESRF, etc.) and the supervision of ten federal scientific establishments. The Belgian Federal Science Policy Office was previously known as the 'Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs' (OSTC). This name change follows the Copernic reform of Belgium's federal administration.
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Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation (INNOVIRIS)
  Formerly know as "Institute for the encouragement of Scientific Research and Innovation of Brussels" within the 'Economy and Employment' administration of the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region.
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Commission for Educational Exchange between the USA,  Belgium and Luxembourg
  The Fulbright Program, the U.S. Government's international exchange program, is designed "to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and people of other countries". Under the Fulbright program, grants are awarded to American and foreign nationals to study, teach, lecture and conduct research abroad.
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EUROHORCs (European Union Research Organisations Heads of research Councils)
  EUROHORCs is the association of the heads of public national research and research funding organisations in Europe. EUROHORCs has its headquarters at the NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research).
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European Investment Bank (EIB)
  The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the financial institution of the European Union. Both "bank" and "European institution", it aids the achievement of the Union's objectives by funding projects that promote European integration, balanced development, economic and social cohesion and the development of an innovative knowledge-based economy.
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European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)
  EMBO aims to promote biosciences in Europe. Therefore, the development of a strong trans-national approach to molecular biology, the identification of measures that can assist in the training of scientists in this area and the emphasis on scientific criteria for all of its activities were developed. Its actions are funded by contributions from 24 Member States.
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European Science Foundation (ESF)
  The European Science Foundation promotes high quality science at a European level. It acts as a catalyst for the development of science by bringing together leading scientists and funding agencies to debate, plan and implement pan-European initiatives
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Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS) (National Fund for Scientific Research)
  FNRS is a funding agency of the French Community which supports and develops scientific activities in all fields. It regroups associated funds such as the "Fonds pour la formation ŕ la Recherche dans l’Industrie et dans l’Agriculture" (FRIA), the "Fonds de la Recherche Fondamentale Collective d’initiative des chercheurs" (FRFC),... Soon available in English.
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Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek-Vlaanderen (FWO) (Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders)
  The FWO-Vlaanderen is Flanders' instrument for supporting and stimulating fundamental research and advancing its quality on the basis of academic, inter-university competition.
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