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Belgian Federal Museums and Scientific Institutes
  The Minister responsible for Science Policy supervises eleven federal scientific institutes. They consist of groups with the statute of "State body with separate management". The Belgian Federal Science Policy Office represents the Minister for Science Policy within the management commitees of those groups.

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Flanders Research Information Space (FRIS)
  FRIS supplies information about Flemish research teams and current or achieved projects.
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Joint research centres in Wallonia
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Scientific institutes accredited by the Flemish Community
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Units and research projects (CReF)
  The Council of the Rectors of the French-speaking universities of Belgium maintains a database of reseach units and projects.
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(DIRACT-DIOVAR) National Research Institute on Work Conditions
  The main goal of the DIRACT-DIOVAR is to stimulate practical research that can help to solve problems that arise in entreprises and institutions (industrial and commercial firms, non-profit sector). DIRACT-DIOVAR proposes its methods, instruments and gives advice on concrete situations to anyone who wishes to improve conditions and quality of work. The institute was formerly known as IRNCT-NOVA.
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ADReM Research group (Advanced Database Research and Modelling)
  Database query language research. The primary focus is on expressiveness of next generation query languages for object oriented, semistructured, and spatial databases as well as for data mining. University of Antwerp.
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Agricultural Research Centre of Gembloux (CRA)
  The CRA is a multi-disciplinary research institute. The research activities cover biotechnology, pesticide research, crop production, agricultural engineering, quality of agricultural products,...
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Amsab-Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis (Amsab-Institute of Social History)
  Amsab-Institute of Social History is an officially recognized Flemish cultural heritage institution engaged in archiving documents and other items of progressive social movements and persons.
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Architecture navale et Analyse des Systèmes de Transport (ANAST)
  L’ANAST est un centre de recherche actif dans l’analyse technico-économique des modes de transports maritimes et fluviaux (modélisation du trafic, construction navale, etc.). L’ANAST est un centre de l’Université de Liège (ULg).
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