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Belgian Federal Science Policy Office Grants and Calls for Proposal
  Calls for proposal related to current research actions supported by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office, research grants and European calls & projects.
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Bilateral agreements for scientific cooperation for the French Community Wallonia-Brussels
  The French Community has several cooperation agreements with 68 countries and regions worldwide.
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Bourses de Voyages-Appel (Travel Scholarships-Call)
  Travel scholarships of the French Community of Belgium covering travel and stay costs.
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COST-European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research
  COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in the field of scientific and technical research, allowing the coordination of nationally funded research on a European level.
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Direction de l'accompagnement de la recherche (Directorate for specific assistance to enterprises (Walloon Region)
  Manages innovation support in SME's. Advises other Walloon Directorates-General on the eligibility of a couple of employment and investment funding requests.
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European Latsis Prize 2003
  The Latsis Prize, of a value of 100 000 Swiss Francs, is presented each year by the Latsis Foundation at the ESF Annual Assembly to a scientist or research group in recognition of outstanding and innovative contributions in a selected field of European research. The research field for the 2003 Prize is "Archaeology".
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European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)
  EMBO aims to promote biosciences in Europe. Therefore, the development of a strong trans-national approach to molecular biology, the identification of measures that can assist in the training of scientists in this area and the emphasis on scientific criteria for all of its activities were developed. Its actions are funded by contributions from 24 Member States.
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European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Fellowship Programmes
  List of the fellowships available at the EORTC.
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European Research Conferences (Euresco)
  EURESCO Conferences are a programme of the European Science Foundation (ESF), with funding from the High Level Scientific Conferences Activity of the European Commission. Each conference consists of a series of meetings, held typically every other year. There are neither written contributions nor proceedings. Unconventional ideas and new approaches, not yet fully explored, are encouraged. The conferences are open to all scientists, whether from academia or industry. List of the conferences by year and discipline.
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European Science Foundation's Eurocores Programme
  Eurocores has been created in order to complement the EU Framework Programme with an effective and efficient mechanism for multinational collaboration within Europe in basic research.It brings together national funding agencies, national research organisations and their analogues.
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