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Belgian Federal Museums and Scientific Institutes
  The Minister responsible for Science Policy supervises eleven federal scientific institutes. They consist of groups with the statute of "State body with separate management". The Belgian Federal Science Policy Office represents the Minister for Science Policy within the management commitees of those groups.

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About Ishango
  In the framework of the Ishango Operation, which aims at increasing the interest for sciences and science carreers, the Brussels Capital Region organizes a short stories contest for pupils of secondary schools.
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  Athena is a science diffusion monthly publication of the General Directorate of Technologies, Research and Energy of the Walloon Region.
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Atout Sciences
  Atout Sciences (University of Namur) promotes sciences and is a member of the Scité and Sciences Transfrontalières networks.
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Belgian Museum of Radiology
  The museum collection consists of posters and photos which reveal the secrets of radiology. In addition, there are reconstructions of old radiological rooms and outfits which give to the visitor a good overview of the history of radiology from the early days of the X-ray pioneers until today’s most recent medical applications such as ultrasound and computer assisted tomography . Non-medical radiological applications in the area of palaeontology, fine arts, philately, ballistics are also shown.
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Belgian State Archives
  Federal Scientific Institution in charge of the management of the Belgian archives patrimony (conservation, preservation and diffusion to the public).
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Canal-U, web TV of the French universities
  Through a set of channel broadcasts available on the net, students, teachers and the general public can view programmes enriched with pedagogic documents.
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Centre de Culture Scientifique (Centre for Scientific Culture)
  The Centre organizes exhibitions, interactive animations and other animations related to exact and human sciences.
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Centre de Didactique des Sciences (CDS)
  The Centre de Didactique des Sciences (CDS) of the University of Mons groups scientists who whish to participate in science diffusion. The CDS is a member of the interuniversitary network Scité and of the cross-border network RICSTI.
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Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society (CEGES/SOMA)
  The CEGES/SOMA is a Federal Scientific Institution at the service of students, teachers, researchers, the public and the media. Its mission is to collect, preserve and study original documents and archives relating to the Second World War.
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