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Réseau IDEE - Information et Diffusion en Education à l'Environnement (Information and Dissemination Network for Education to Environment)
  The network aims to promote the projects, the pedagogic tools and the education centres centred on the environment. The activities cover organizations of training courses, documentation and information services.
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Royal Library of Belgium (KBR)
  The Royal Library of Belgium - a Federal Scientific Institution - is Belgium's central scientific and conservation library. Its main mission is to manage and preserve the cultural heritage as well as to acquire Belgian publications and ease the access to them.
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Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (RMI)
  Federal Scientific Institution performing research and standardized meteorological, climatological and geophysical observations for the information of the population, the economy and of the scientific community.
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RTD-Acronyms Database (CORDIS)
  The RTD-Acronyms database serves as a compact dictionary for R&D related acronyms and abbreviations. These acronyms represent programmes, projects, organizations, databases, installations and other R&D related items.
See also Cordis Home Page
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RTD-Contacts Database (CORDIS)
  The CORDIS RTD-Contacts Database provides details of individuals who are able to provide information, advice, or assistance about EU RTD programmes and related matters. The database also includes contacts for programmes within the European Economic Area, and Central and Eastern Europe.
  This site exists in  FR EN
RTD-Programmes Database (CORDIS)
  This database contains details of EU RTD-Programmes and provides references to additional sources where the user can obtain further information if required.
See also Cordis Home Page.
  This site exists in  FR EN
Scientific and Technical Information Service (STIS)
  The STIS is a governmental service integrated in the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. It serves the federal administration as well as the scientific and economic community. Its main tasks include: brokerage of scientific and technical information, including document delivery; representation of information servers, including the organisation of training seminars; information and assistance on research and innovation programmes of the European Union; delivery of specialised information and documentation on science policy.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
Scientific Library of the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences
  Online consultation. About 7000 periodicals, 35000 geographical maps and the famous Dautzenberg collection with rare volumes on conchology.
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Service des Langues Régionales Endogènes (Regional Endogen Languages Department)
  This department's task is to follow the work of the Regional Endogen Languages Council, notably at a technical and/or scientific level. It also manages the support for publishing journals and monographs on regional languages. The department depends on the French Community.
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Société wallonne de l'Evaluation et de la Prospective
  This association aims to develop futurology and assessment in Wallonia, in order to improve the quality of decision processes and to develop democracy involvement in public studies and decisions.
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