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Instituut voor Mobiliteit (Institute for Mobility)
  The Institute for Mobility is an independent research centre active in transport and mobility issues. It participates in international researches and congresses, and has a privileged position with the various actors in this field (auhorities, police, advisory bodies, etc).
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Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek (INBO) (Research Institute for Nature and Forest)
  INBO is the central institute in Flanders in charge of scientific research and services in the field of greenery, forests, fauna, fish stocks and their management.
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Instituut voor Plantenbiotechnologie voor Ontwikkelingslanden (Institute for Plant Biotechnology for Developing Countries)
  The Plant Biotechnology Institute for Developing Countries (IPBO) performs training, technology transfer and research in the field of plant biotechnology oriented to the needs of the developing countries.
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Instituut voor Sociaal Drugsonderzoek (ISD)
  Het ISD (Universiteit Gent, UG) is een sociaal-wetenschappelijke, multidisciplinaire onderzoeksgroep, met als doel het verwerven en overdragen van kennis omtrent de verschillende aspecten van roesmiddelengebruik, -beleid en handel in roesmiddelen, vanuit een sociaal-wetenschappelijke oriŽntatie (de termen 'drugs' en 'roesmiddelen' verwijzen naar alle psychoactieve substanties, ongeacht hun legale status).
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Interdisciplinair instituut voor BreedBand Technologie (IBBT) (Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technologies)
  IBBT is a new research institute established as an initiative of the Flemish Government. Its works focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), notably in applications of broadband technology.
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Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and IT (ICRI)
  Research centre at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) composed of 3 research teams, working in the following fields: Information Technology Law, Electronic Communications Law, Legal Informatics and Information Retrieval.
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Interfacultary centre for marine research (MARE)
  Research: oceanology as a multidisciplinary field of studies, relative to applied sciences (hydrography, marine hydrodynamics, coastal and offshore engineering, sciences (marine chemistry, biology and geosciences, mathematics), veterinary sciences and law. University of LiŤge (ULg).
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Interfacultary Centre of Biomaterials
  The research disciplines of this centre cover the fields of material synthesis and characterization (polymer, metal, ceramic, biopolymers) ; material processing : dispersed materials (micro- nanoparticles, Ö), hydrogels, porous scaffolds, surface coating; testing (in vitro, in vivo); preclinical and clinical investigations.
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International Bureau for Environmental Studies (IBES)
  The International Bureau for Environmental Studies (IBES) is an international non-profit association that performs scientific and technical studies related to environmental problems, stimulates scientific work in this field, performs international cooperation in relation with environmental studies and exchanges know-how in the environmental field.
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International Centre of Research and Information on the Public and Cooperative Economy (CIRIEC)
  The CIRIEC is an international non governmental scientific organisation which aims to collect information, carry out scientific research and publish documents related to the economical sectors and activities oriented towards services of general and collective interests (evolution of the governance structures, public services, new economy regulation modes,...).
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