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Laboratoire de dendrochronologie (Laboratory of dendrochronology)
  The laboratory is active in dendrochronological dating; it provides services and performs fundamental research.
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Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie Informatique
  This laboratory performs research on computer aided molecular engineering but is also interested in computer aided organic chemistry. University Faculties of Namur (FUNDP).
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Laboratoire de physiologie animale
  Research on the ovines: reproduction (fecondity genes, endocrinal control of ovarian cycle, fertilization), nutrition, breeding management and ethology.
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Laboratoire de physique du solide
  Research: theoretical study and digital simulation of physical properties of micro- and nano-structured materials, of surfaces and interfaces. Namur University (FUNDP).
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Laboratoire de Soutien à l'Enseignement Télématique (LABSET) (Assistance Laboratory in Distance Learning)
  The laboratory helps teachers and trainers using internet for distance learning. LABSET also performs teaching and consulting activities for Belgian and international organizations. It is involved in several European projects, competence networks and international conferences.
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Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Spectroscopie Électronique (LISE)
  Basic research on solid materials, surfaces and interfaces, thin layers, interactions between photons/electrons/ions and material. University Faculties of Namur (FUNDP).
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Laboratoire J.-C. Heuson de cancérologie mammaire
  This laboratory has achieved a world-recognized excellence in breast cancer biomarkers, with a specific interest for estrogen receptors. Numerous collaborations with national and international laboratories or industries. Various techniques are utilized to examine all aspects of breast cancer biology. Free University of Brussels (ULB).
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Laboratory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (RMN)
  Experimental methods development for nuclear magnetic resonance. University Faculties of Namur (FUNDP)
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Laseronderzoekscentrum Vlaanderen (LCV)
  Laser Center Flanders offers sustainable technological solutions for all problems and questions about using lasers for cutting, welding and treating surfaces. The Laser Center Flanders belongs to the Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek (VITO-Flemish institute for technological research).
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Leuven Research Centre for Translation, Communication and Cultures (CETRA)
  The main activity of the centre is to train young scholars dealing with translation and to play an active role in the coordination of collective/individual research projects worldwide. CETRA takes part in research projects such as distance learning, e-learning and website based learning.
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