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Europlanetarium Genk
  The europlanetarium of Genk organizes presentations and trainings.
  This site exists in NL
Festival du Film Scientifique de Bruxelles
  From 21 to 25 March 2011. 15 science movies will be shown in the Delvaux Auditorium (ULB).
  This site exists in  FR
Georges Lemaître Award
  La Fondation Georges Lemaître de l'Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) attribue tous les deux ans un prix de 25 000 Euros à un scientifique ayant contribué de façon remarquable au développement et à la diffusion des connaissances dans les domaines de la cosmologie, de l'astronomie, de l'astrophysique, de la géophysique, ou de la recherche spatiale. Georges Lemaître est l'inventeur de la théorie de l'atome primitif, dite du "big bang".
  This site exists in  FR
Groupe d'Applications Mathématiques aux Sciences du Cosmos
  This multidisciplinary group is composed of scientists involved in short or long lasting projects in the field of cosmology or cosmos sciences in general. All members are interested in mathematical or physical applications. University Faculties of Namur (FUNDP)
  This site exists in  FR
Jeunesse et Science
  This non-profit organisation organizes each year several astronomy training sessions for young people and adults.
  This site exists in  FR
Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium
  The Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium is one of the largest in Europe. The website contains descriptions of the shows which are performed.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
PROBA2 Science Center
  PROBA2 is an ESA micro-satellite launched on November 2, 2009. The website of the PROBA2 Science Center, hosted at the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB/SIDC) is maintained by the science teams behind the solar observing instruments onboard: SWAP and LYRA.
  This site exists in  EN
Research Projects at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
  List of the international research projects in which the institute is involved. Gives the contact persons, a description of the research and a link to the official website of the projects.
  This site exists in  EN
Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)
  Federal Scientific Institution performing research in astronomy-related fields, geodynamics and seismology.
  This site exists in  EN
Société Royale Belge d'Astronomie, de Météorologie et de Physique du Globe (SRBA) (Royal Belgian Society for Astronomy, Meteorology and Geophysics)
  Non lucrative association which welcome and support amateurs and professionals interested in astronomy, meteorology and geophysics.
  This site exists in  FR

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