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  Excellency pole in aeronautics research, CENAERO groups 3 universities (ULg, UCL and ULB), the Von Karman Institute and 6 companies (Sonaca, Sabca, Alcatel-Etca, Techspace Aero, Samtech and FFT).
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Centre d'étude wallon du contrôle et de l'assemblage des matériaux (CEWAC)
  As a research and services centre, CEWAC supports firms along their projects duration, from conception to product, through feasibility study, prototype development, production at a small scall of parts and/or industry supplies and adapted staff training. CEWAC also supports firms in setting up quality policies.
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Centre for Research in Metallurgy (CRM)
  Non-profit association created in 1948 by the metallurgical industry. Its mission includes the application of new technologies in steel production and the technology watch on new developments in metallurgy worldwide.
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Centre interfacultaire des biomatériaux (CEIB)
  Pluridisciplinary and integrated research activity from the first draft leading to the design of a biomaterial to its final industrial application. University of Liège (ULg).
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Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) (Liege Space Centre)
  Through its space activities, CSL has accumulated high level instrumentation which is regularly put at the disposal of the industry. CSL collaborates with ESA, NASA and most of the European space industries and laboratories.
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Centre technologique international de la terre et de la pierre (CTP)
  CTP's activities cover applied research, services and consulting for private companies, public corporations, research centres and administrative bodies in the field of optimal treatment, recovery, valorization and exploitation of solid materials.
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CEPESI (Provincial Centre for Industrial Testing)
  The CEPESI is a research and services centre with laboratories for testing, analysis and calibrations, active in the field of mechanics, metrology, road coatings, civil engineering and mineral and organic chemistry.
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Collective Centre of Belgian Technological Industry (SIRRIS, ex-CRIF-WTCM)
  SIRRIS (formerly known as CRIF-WTCM) is the Belgian collective centre for technology industry. It advises and assists firms in technology innovation. Experts visit them, give advice, initiate projects and support the client until the implementation. SIRRIS keeps also the firms informed of the new technologies, as well as of evolutions, norms and developments through its website, its newsletters, roadmaps, seminars and trainings. Offers also a technology watch service.
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CoMP research group (Computational Modeling and Programming)
  This interdisciplinary research group develops innovative approaches to large scale scientific computing problems with an emphasis on distributed methods and systems. The research activity includes elements of computer science, engineering and computational Quantum Physics.
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COMS Research Group (Computer Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems)
  The COMS research group studies and develops innovative tools for efficient and accurate characterization, modeling and simulation of complex systems in science and engineering. University of Antwerp (UA)
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