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International Bibliography of Historical Demography (IBHD)
  One of the primary objectives of the IBDH is to offer researchers an up to date tool by producing a bibliography. A world-wide team of mostly historical demographers, each covering a geographic region selects and describes the publications (books, book chapters, articles) to be entered in the IBDH.
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  Le Mundaneum est le centre d'archives de la Communauté française. Au-delà de la conservation des collections et de l'édition de publications, le Mundaneum organise régulièrement des événements (expositions, conférences, colloques...) et des formations.
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Royal Library of Belgium (KBR)
  The Royal Library of Belgium - a Federal Scientific Institution - is Belgium's central scientific and conservation library. Its main mission is to manage and preserve the cultural heritage as well as to acquire Belgian publications and ease the access to them.
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Scientific and Technical Information Service (STIS)
  The STIS is a governmental service integrated in the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. It serves the federal administration as well as the scientific and economic community. Its main tasks include: brokerage of scientific and technical information, including document delivery; representation of information servers, including the organisation of training seminars; information and assistance on research and innovation programmes of the European Union; delivery of specialised information and documentation on science policy.
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Scriptorium - Revue internationale des études relatives aux manuscrits médiévaux
  The digitized version of the journal Scriptorium and the Bulletin codicologique makes it possible to illustrate the mediaeval European written culture on the World Wide Web through: - a cumulative index, sorted by date and preservation institute, of the manuscripts kept in the whole world and described in Scriptorium since 1946, which will represent in the long run a total of 200,000 manuscripts shelf-marks; - an exhaustive list of the papers published in the journal since 1946; - a catalographic index of works reviewed in the Buletin codicologique since 2000.
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Service d'Intelligence Stratégique
  This association groups Belgian "watching professionals". It organizes seminars and helps defending the interests of this new profession.
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STARLab, Systems Technology and Applications Research Laboratory
  STAR Lab, the Systems Technology and Applications Research Laboratory, is a research laboratory at the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Computer Science - of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Research is mainly situated in the field of Information Systems, focusing on methodological design of information systems, text retrieval and text enrichment, (semantic) web-based applications, digital libraries, ontologies, integration and cooperation between several Information systems.
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UNESCO Archive Portal
  The UNESCO Archive Portal provides links to national, regional, municipal and university archives. Many other archive-related resources are referenced, such as software and internet, education, organizations, conferences and meetings.
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