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Belgian Federation of Psychologists
  The Belgian Federation of Psychologists is the umbrella organization that unites and organizes the different psychology organizations in Belgium. It aims at improving the professional and scientific status of psychology in Belgium, by protecting the status of psychologists as well as the rights of their clients.
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Belgian Food Industry Federation (FEVIA)
  FEVIA is the Belgian professional association for the food sector. As a professional federation, FEVIA acts as an interface between industries and the socio-economic environment in which it performs its activities.
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Belgian Physical Society (BPS)
  The BPS promotes physics in Belgium and brings together the physics graduates from Belgian universities. The website contains a lot of information on institutions, fundings, postdocs...
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Belgian Polymer Group
  Belgian Polymer Group serves as a forum for discussions among scientists from universities and industry involved in polymer science in Belgium.
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Belgian Psychological Society
  The Belgian Psychological Society promotes scientific research in all domains of psychology, including fundamental fields such as mathematical and cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and the cognitive neurosciences, as well as more applied fields such as clinical, developmental, work and organizational, and social psychology.
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Belgian School for Psychoanalysis
  The Belgian School for Psychoanalysis, situated in Brussels, is a member of the European Interassociation for Psychoanalysis. The website contains texts, references and a list of members. The School organises also lectures and diffuses publications.
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Belgian Steel Federation
  GSV (Groupement de la Sidérurgie - Staalindustrie Verbond) is the professional federation of steel companies producing or transforming steel in Belgium.
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  Belgospace est l’association belge de l’industrie spatiale, regroupant la plupart des entreprises belges actives dans le domaine des technologies spatiales. Belgospace a été créé en 1962 pour rencontrer un besoin de coordination et répondre au souhait des instances officielles. C'est le forum industriel au sein duquel il est débattu des problèmes communs aux entreprises ainsi que des principales options que la Belgique doit prendre dans le domaine spatial.
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BeWiSe: Belgian Women in Science
  BeWiSe is dedicated to achieving equal and full participation of women in all scientific disciplines and at all levels.
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  As professional branch of essenscia (formerly known as Fedichem), Bio.be groups members of essenscia and associated entreprises settling biotechnology processes. It follows up legislative works, rules and standards in relation with biotechnology, diffuses information on this sector, and informs authorities and the general public on the stands taken by the chemistry.
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