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Esp@ceNet Belgium
  Belgian entry point to Europe's Network of Patent databases. Allows searches limited to Belgian patents.
  This site exists in NL FR
  This project brings a collection of thesis on-line. Preference is given to history works, but thesis on every domain covered by the faculties of Arts and politic and social sciences are accepted. Anyone who still has a digital version of the work may submit it to the project.
  This site exists in NL
  Europeana is the European Digital Library. Recently launched (21/11/2008), it offers access to over 2 millions digital objects from 145 countries: books, archives, maps, images, audiovisual material...
  This site exists in NL FR EN
General list of publications of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office
  Includes the publications edited by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office during the last four years. They can be downloaded or ordered for free.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
  GreenFacts is a non-profit organization that publishes faithful summaries of authoritative scientific consensus documents on various environment and health issues. Its publications are issued on www.greenfacts.org and are structured as a series of questions presented in three levels of increasing detail, giving non-specialists easy access to complex information. To ensure their impartiality, GreenFacts publications are produced and released under the control of an autonomous Scientific Board. GreenFacts is an independent multi-stakeholder organization, controlled by individuals working in academic, businesses and non-profit organizations. It provides a ground for constructive dialogue between involved parties.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
  Free access to publications from SCK•CEN (by performing search queries or browsing the open archives).
  This site exists in
International Bibliography of Historical Demography (IBHD)
  One of the primary objectives of the IBDH is to offer researchers an up to date tool by producing a bibliography. A world-wide team of mostly historical demographers, each covering a geographic region selects and describes the publications (books, book chapters, articles) to be entered in the IBDH.
  This site exists in  FR EN
Journal of Biology
  Journal of Biology is an international journal, providing immediate free access to research articles of exceptional interest of a similar standard to those found in Nature, Science and Cell.
  This site exists in  EN
Library of the Scientific Institute of Public Health (IPH)
  Lists of available periodicals, monographs and archives.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
List of publications from the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre in Gembloux
  The database can be browsed by author, department and subject.
  This site exists in  FR EN

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