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EMIS - Het energie en milieu informatiesysteem voor het vlaams gewest (Energy and environment information system of the Flemish Community)
  EMIS, Energy and environment information system of the Flemish Community) is a project of the Flemish authority, worked out by the VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research). EMIS collects and processes a huge amount of information concerning Energy and Environment. In particular site contains independant, accurate, reliable and up-to-date information concerning: statistics on energy, enterprise guides - events - jobs, environment technologies, legislation.
  This site exists in NL
Environmental dialogue between EU and Asia - call for proposals
  The European Commission has published a call for proposals for the Asia Pro Eco programme, an initiative designed to strengthen environmental dialogue between Europe and Asia.
Deadlines: 08/01/2003 16:00 CET and 17/09/2003 16:00 CET
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Environmental Law Study Center (CEDRE)
  CEDRE is a university research center of the Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis (FUSL) dedicated to environmental law. The activities include research, legal advice, conferences and seminars, teaching and publications.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN)-Belgian National Focal Point
  ETFRN is a European focal point for information exchange and debate on tropical forest research activities at international level. The central ETFRN website serves as a portal or gateway to European research capacity (directory) in the area of forests in the tropics, subtropics and Mediterranean. An ETFRN News Bulletin is distributed through the sixteen National Focal Points; for Belgium the National Focal Point is run by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
  ExploraPoles is one of the websites of the International Polar Foundation. It provides an overview of polar expeditions and explorers of these regions and their importance for our planet's climate system.
  This site exists in  FR EN
Festival du Film Scientifique de Bruxelles
  From 21 to 25 March 2011. 15 science movies will be shown in the Delvaux Auditorium (ULB).
  This site exists in  FR
Institut de Gestion de l'Environnement et d'Aménagement du Territoire (IGEAT) (Institute for Environment Management and Regional Development)
  The IGEAT is a multidisciplinary education and research institute which aims to promote an integrated approach to environment and regional development, which takes into account the respect of the people and of the environment, social equity and sustainability.
  This site exists in  FR
Institut pour un Développement Durable (IDD) (Institute for Sustainable Development)
  This institute has been created by scientists from different disciplines. It promotes, undertakes and disseminates research and studies to increase the awareness of the authorities and citizens regarding sustainable development.
  This site exists in  FR
Institut Scientifique de Service Public (ISSeP) (Scientific Institute of Public Service)
  Under the authority of the Walloon government. ISSeP is an R&D and technology transfer institute and a laboratory for testing, expertise and analyses.
  This site exists in  FR
Institut Wallon (IW) (Walloon Institute)
  The IW is an independent research and study centre which offers advice and services to the public authorities. The areas of competence are energy, environment, transport and mobility and geographical information systems.
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