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Institut de biologie et de médecine moléculaires (IBMM) (Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine)
  The IBMM groups the Department of Molecular Biology and the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research into Human and Nuclear Biology of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). A list of the different research subjects is given with a description.
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Institute Born-Bunge (IBB)
  The IBB is a private research institute active in the field of neurology (neurobiology, neuropathology, neurogenetics,...) and cardiological disorders. The IBB laboratories are integrated in the University of Antwerp.
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Interfacultary Centre of Biomaterials
  The research disciplines of this centre cover the fields of material synthesis and characterization (polymer, metal, ceramic, biopolymers) ; material processing : dispersed materials (micro- nanoparticles, …), hydrogels, porous scaffolds, surface coating; testing (in vitro, in vivo); preclinical and clinical investigations.
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Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde van België (KAGB) (Royal Belgian Academy for Medicine)
  The Academy advises the authorities and the citizen on matters related to medical sciences. It stimulates research in medicine and grants prizes for important research or publications.
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Laboratoire J.-C. Heuson de cancérologie mammaire
  This laboratory has achieved a world-recognized excellence in breast cancer biomarkers, with a specific interest for estrogen receptors. Numerous collaborations with national and international laboratories or industries. Various techniques are utilized to examine all aspects of breast cancer biology. Free University of Brussels (ULB).
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Library of the Scientific Institute of Public Health (IPH)
  Lists of available periodicals, monographs and archives.
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Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (Brussels)
  The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research conducts long-range research programmes eradicating cancer. The Brussels branch is active in the field of cancer immunology and cancer genetics. Main orientations of the branch are the study of tumor rejection antigens and that of cytokines. The laboratories are located in the Institute of Cellular Pathology (ICP) on the biomedical campus of the University of Louvain.
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Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM)
  ITM is an independent centre for specialised academic research and training, recognised and funded by the Ministry of Education of the Flemish Community in Belgium. It is one of the world's leading institutes for training, research and assistance in tropical medicine and health care in developing countries.
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Prix Eugène De Somer - Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve (UCL) (Catholic University of Louvain)
  This award (amount EUR 10,000) is given every two years. It awards any scientist having over 5 years of work experience in a Belgian universitary or scientific institution, in the field of biomedicine.
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Prix Madame Veuve Matthys-Bove - Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve (UCL)
  This award (amount EUR 10,000) is given every two years. It awards any scientist having over 5 years of work experience in a Belgian universitary or scientific institution, in the field of prevention, treament and physiology of serious diseases.
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