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Institute of Social and Political Opinion Research (ISPO)
  The ISPO was founded in 2002. The research areas of the ISPO are fourfold: election studies, research on minorities, value and value change studies, and methodology of quantitative and qualitative research.
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Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp (ITMMA)
  ITMMA is an autonomous university institute of the University of Antwerp. Its Research and Projects Department aims to develop academic research in the field of transport and maritime economics in order to stimulate business growth and to support policy formulation in the transport industry, regionally, nationally and transnationally.
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International Centre of Research and Information on the Public and Cooperative Economy (CIRIEC)
  The CIRIEC is an international non governmental scientific organisation which aims to collect information, carry out scientific research and publish documents related to the economical sectors and activities oriented towards services of general and collective interests (evolution of the governance structures, public services, new economy regulation modes,...).
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International Crime Geopolitical Observatory (OGCI)
  The observatory proposes a geopolitical approach of criminal structures feeding formal and informal economy at the world level. It regroups researchers of the University of Liège and young researchers from Western and Eastern Europe belonging to various disciplines such as criminologists, sociologists, anthropologists, political analysts, geographers, ethnographers, economists, jurists, specialists of international relations. First page available in English.
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Pallas of the Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society
  Contains the various document collections and archives of the CEGES/SOMA.
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Political Institute (Vlaanderen) (Politology Institute)
  Flemish interuniversity association of political scientists
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Programm "Society and Future": Second call for proposals
  On February 25, 2005, the Council of Ministers approved the research programme "Society and Future". The first call for proposals took place in 2005 and the second one was launched in September 2006 by the Belgian Science Policy Office. The second call includes two phases: (I) submission of the pre-proposals and (II) submission of the full proposals. These full proposals can only be submitted by research teams who succeeded in the first phase.
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Res Publica
  Res Publica is a scientific journal for political science. Editional board is composed of Flemish and Dutch political scientists.
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Research Centre for Entrepreneurship (SVO)
  The centre carries out scientific policy-oriented research on entrepreneurship with focus on family businesses, and disseminates the research results among the local, regional, federal and international communities and among the own organisations.
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Research projects at the Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society
  Current projects carried out by researchers of the centre as well as projects coordinated or initiated by the centre.
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