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Social Economic Institute (SEIN)
  SEIN is an interdisciplinary research institute of the University of Hasselt (UHasselt). It conducts policy-supporting research into social and socio-economic subjects, e.g. equal opportunities. Furthermore, they organise made to measure training and educational programmes. These are aimed at improving the professional performance of specific groups.
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Stichting Technologie Vlaanderen-Innovatie & Arbeid (STV) (Flemish Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Labour)
  STV-Innovatie & Arbeid is a research institute administered by the Flanders' Social and Economic Council. The research is oriented towards the promotion of innovation in the industry (technological or organisational) and its impact on human labour.
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Ulg Campus Arlon (ex FUL)
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Vlaams Instituut voor Wetenschappelijk en Technologisch Aspectenonderzoek (VIWTA-FISTA) (Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment)
  The Vlaams Instituut voor Wetenschappelijk en Technologisch Aspectenonderzoek (FISTA - Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment) is an independent and autonomous institution, associated with the Flemish Parliament. Technology Assessment (TA) is a relatively new, multidisciplinary field of research, trying to chart the social implications of technological innovations.
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Waleo 2
  2005 call for proposals. Subject ield: knowledge acquisition and development in technology in the service of medicine and health. These projects involve the creation of a spin off company or technology transfer to an existing company.
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