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CEPESI (Provincial Centre for Industrial Testing)
  The CEPESI is a research and services centre with laboratories for testing, analysis and calibrations, active in the field of mechanics, metrology, road coatings, civil engineering and mineral and organic chemistry.
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Collective Centre of Belgian Technological Industry (SIRRIS, ex-CRIF-WTCM)
  SIRRIS (formerly known as CRIF-WTCM) is the Belgian collective centre for technology industry. It advises and assists firms in technology innovation. Experts visit them, give advice, initiate projects and support the client until the implementation. SIRRIS keeps also the firms informed of the new technologies, as well as of evolutions, norms and developments through its website, its newsletters, roadmaps, seminars and trainings. Offers also a technology watch service.
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Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)
  The Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) of the European Commission aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as its main target.
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CTIB-TCHN (Technical Centre of the Wood Industry)
  CTIB-TCHN provides the wood industry with scientific and technical support in all areas of interest for this sector. It has also been designated by the Federal Authorities to deliver certification of products, systems and environmental impact.
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Flanders Drive
  Excellency pole and innovation center for automotive industry in Flanders.
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Flanders Materials Centre
  The Flanders Materials Centre, founded by 3 large compagnies together with Agoria Vlaanderen, is a competence centre in "High Throughput Methodologies" to support research for the materials industry.
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Horticultural Testing Centre of Wallonia
  Research, development and vulgarisation in the field of horticultural and ornamental tree nurseries.
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IBSR-BIVV (Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety)
  The Research and Advice department of the institute aims to be an expertise centre for the traffic security. The research intends to support and develop policy measure, and covers as well behaviour sciences as traficology, taking into account the social context. The institute also advises the administration in charge of the road.
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  InduTec is the technological transfer centre of the 4 industrial engineers institutes of Brussels (ECAM, EHB, Institut Meurice, ISIB). InduTec acts as a R&D centre for companies and entrepreneurs and as an innovation & valorisation centre for academic projects.
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  Innotek gives advice to enterprises in the field of innovation. Advice, can concern technology, innovative products or processes, or search for funding. Innotek was created by the Province of Antwerp.
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