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Research projects - Walloon Region
  Research projects financed by the Division de la Recherche et de la Coopération scientifique. Search by field or programme.
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Research Projects at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
  List of the international research projects in which the institute is involved. Gives the contact persons, a description of the research and a link to the official website of the projects.
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Research projects at the Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society
  Current projects carried out by researchers of the centre as well as projects coordinated or initiated by the centre.
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Research Projects at the Royal Museum for Central Africa
  List of the projects carried out by the different departments of the museum, with the contact persons and a brief description of the project.
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RTD-Projects Database (CORDIS)
  This database contains details of individual RTD projects financed wholly or partly from the budget of the European Communities. These projects are normally implemented through contractual agreements placed by the European Commission with commercial organizations, research institutes, universities, or other bodies.
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The RTD-Results Database (CORDIS)
  The RTD-Results Database contains information about the results of research and development in science, technology and medicine. The information comes from public and private sector, regardless of the sources of funding. All results in this database are waiting for further exploitation, be it production, marketing agreement, further development or funding. The database is updated every week and the records are no older than one year.
See also Cordis Home Page.
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