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Bordet Institute for Cancer Research
  The Bordet Institute, the oncological centre of the ULB, is a multidisciplinary hospital with a triple mission related to the fight against cancer : treatment, teaching and research.
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Calcul Symbolique sur Ordinateur (CSO)
  This research unit of the Free University of Brussels (ULB) provides computer facilities and expertise for the use of many available computer algebra systems (Maple, Reduce, Cayley, Magma, Mathematica, Axiom, Gap, Lie) and the development of computer algebra methods for solving differential equations.
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Catholic Documentation and Research Centre (KADOC)
  KADOC has two main areas of interest: to collect and make available to the public documentation relating to catholic life in Flanders from 1794 onwards, in a Belgian and international context and from both a historical and contemporary point of view; to carry out research on the basis of the documentation collected, and encourage research by others.
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Cel Kunststoffen
  Cel Kunststoffen's research focuses on plastic processing industry. Cel Kunststoffen is a research group of the Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg (KHLim) - Department Industriële Wetenschappen en Technologie (IWT)
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Center for Statistics
  The research activity of this institute at the University of Hasselt (UHasselt) both focuses on theoretical and applied statistics. The centre also provides statistical consulting for academic colleagues in medicine, biology, ... , for the pharmaceutical industry and other industrial partners, and for local, regional, and federal government.
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Centre Agronomique de Recherches Appliquées du Hainaut (CARAH) (Applied Research Centre in Agronomy)
  Performs applied research in the field of agronomy, livestock farming, food and agriculture and environment.
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Centre belge d'étude et de documentation de l'eau (CEBEDEAU)
  Independent laboratory of basic and applied research, CEBEDEAU is specialized in the management of industrial and wastewaters and of subsequent waste. This non-profit organization also carries out training and information at international level through "Tribune de l'eau", scientific journal for water studies.
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Centre d'Analyse des Résidus en Traces (CART)
  The CART performs basic and applied research in the field of chemical and biochemical analytical methods applied to trace compounds in food, feed, environmental matrices, animals and humans. It develops genomics and proteomics based methods for the monitoring of exposure to xenobiotics through the food chain. The CART is a centre of the University of Liège (ULg).
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Centre de l' Oxygène, Recherche et Développement (CORD)
  Multidisciplinary studies on oxygen metabolism and pathological changes that it can cause through noxious agents production. University of Liège (ULg).
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Centre de Neurobiologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire (CNCM)
  Le CNCM regroupe dans un centre unique les activités des services concernés dans le domaine de la neurobiologie cellulaire et moléculaire. Ses membres ont une activité d'enseignement, de recherche et/ou de clinique. Université de Liège (ULg).
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