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IBSR-BIVV (Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety)
  The Research and Advice department of the institute aims to be an expertise centre for the traffic security. The research intends to support and develop policy measure, and covers as well behaviour sciences as traficology, taking into account the social context. The institute also advises the administration in charge of the road.
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Institut pour un Développement Durable (IDD) (Institute for Sustainable Development)
  This institute has been created by scientists from different disciplines. It promotes, undertakes and disseminates research and studies to increase the awareness of the authorities and citizens regarding sustainable development.
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Institut Wallon (IW) (Walloon Institute)
  The IW is an independent research and study centre which offers advice and services to the public authorities. The areas of competence are energy, environment, transport and mobility and geographical information systems.
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Interministerial Conference for Science Policy (IMCSP)
  The IMCSP is the instrument for consultation between the federal authority, the communities and the regions. It is the place where cooperation agreements are worked out and where various procedures for collaboration and exchanges of information between the different power levels are implemented. Two standing committees entitled Federal Cooperation (CFS) and International Cooperation (CIS) were established in 1991.
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International Co-operation Commission (CIS) and Federal Co-operation Commission (CFS)
  The CIS and the CFS are two permanent commissions of the Interministerial Conference for Science Policy. They administratively manage the consultation on matters of interest to the federal authority and the federated entities, respectively at the international and at the Belgian level.
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Joint Research Centre (European Commission)
  The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the European Union’s scientific and technical research laboratory and a Directorate-General of the European Commission. It supports EU policy makers in the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of policies to tackle transnational and global problems. The institute carries out research of direct concern to citizens and industry in the field of food contamination, genetic modification, chemical hazards, global change, pollution, effects on health and nuclear safety.
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Koninklijke Academie voor Geneeskunde van België (KAGB) (Royal Belgian Academy for Medicine)
  The Academy advises the authorities and the citizen on matters related to medical sciences. It stimulates research in medicine and grants prizes for important research or publications.
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Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde (Royal Academy for Dutch Language and Literature)
  The Academy supports the edition and publication of culturally important texts from the Southern Netherlands.
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Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten (Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts)
  The academy is an autonomous, independent and multidisciplinary learned society for the practice and promotion of science and the arts. The Academy contributes to the diffusion of science and the arts of the Flemish Community on a national and an international level.
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Milieu- & Natuurraad van Vlaanderen (MINA-Raad) (Flemish Environment & Nature Council)
  The MINA-Raad advises the Flemish parliament and government on all matters related to environment and nature conservation policies.
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