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Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques
  The Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques in Bures-sur-Yvette (France) is an advanced research institute in mathematics and theoretical physics with an interest in epistemology and the history of science.
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IWT-bedrijfsubsidies (Grants for enterprises) (Flemish authorities)
  These grants of the IWT are intended to Flemish firms. The grant implies the achievement of a R&D project.
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KMO Programma (SME programmes) (Flemish Community)
  The Flemish SMEs innovating in products, processes and services may apply for financial support from IWT-Flanders, if this support helps improving their technical skills.
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La carrière du chercheur (FRS-FNRS; Funding researchers) (French Community)
  Description of various funding opportunities whether they be temporary (FRIA fellowships, FRNS candidate) or permanent (qualified researcher, research master,... ) and their rules of application.
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NATO Science Programme
  Dedicated to support for collaboration between scientists in partner countries or Mediterranean dialogue countries and scientists in NATO countries (Science Fellowships).
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Onderzoeksmandaten (Research mandate) (Flemish Community)
  A postdoctoral fellowship is granted to the researcher who wishes to valorize his/her research results in the industry.
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PLOTEUS, the Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space
  PLOTEUS, the Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space, is a service of the European Commission. Ploteus also contains information on education and training systems of European countries and on exchange programmes and grants.
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Programmes FIRST (FIRST programme) (Walloon Region)
  Within the FIRST programmes (Formation et Impulsion à la Recherche Scientifique et Technologique) the Walloon Region funds for 2 years or more the employment expenses of young scientists in Universities. The research project must have a potential impact on economic and social development of the Walloon Region.
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R&D in Brussels-Capital Region
  Research, development and innovation in the Brussels Capital Region. Public funding schemes, patents and intellectual property, collaboration with universities, etc.
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Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences
  The Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences was founded in 1928 with the aim of promoting scientific knowledge in overseas regions. The Academy is divided into three Sections: the Section of Moral and Political Sciences, the Section of Natural and Medical Sciences and the Section of Technical Sciences.
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