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Institute of Nature Conservation
  Scientific institute of the Flemish Community carrying out research in all matters related to nature conservation. A large part of research concerns the environmental and habitat requirements of various species, and the way in which changes in their environment influence organisms.
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International Centre of Research and Information on the Public and Cooperative Economy (CIRIEC)
  The CIRIEC is an international non governmental scientific organisation which aims to collect information, carry out scientific research and publish documents related to the economical sectors and activities oriented towards services of general and collective interests (evolution of the governance structures, public services, new economy regulation modes,...).
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International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
  The IISD advances policy recommendations on international trade and investments, economic policy, climate change, measurements and indicators, natural resource management to make development sustainable. Belgian government contributes to IISD's funding.
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Metafro InfoSys
  Online catalogue of data sets and data sources on Central Africa including Angola, Burundi and Rwanda. Data include documents (articles, books, CVs, theses, etc.), metadata on institutions and research projects related to Central Africa, and access to collections and library catalogues.
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Milieu- & Natuurraad van Vlaanderen (MINA-Raad) (Flemish Environment & Nature Council)
  The MINA-Raad advises the Flemish parliament and government on all matters related to environment and nature conservation policies.
  This site exists in NL
Mobiel 21 (outcome of Langzaam Verkeer)
  This non-profit association 21 is a centre for knowledge development, education and behavioural change on the field of sustainable and safe transport and mobility.
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Nature for Innovative and Sustainable Solutions
  Excellency pole on agro-industrial research, centre for research and development of biodegradable material using a vegetal based origin. NATISS (ex Agrofood Valley) offers services (consulting, scientific and technical assessment, tests, analysis), notably for industry of the food, agriculture and chemical sectors.
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Policy Support System for Carbon Capture and Storage
  This project under the Federal research programme ‘Science for a Sustainable Development’ aims at simulating the initiation and evolution of Carbon Capture and Storage as an economic activity in Belgium.
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Research for Sustainable Development
  This web portal is the entry point to information on FP7's contribution to sustainable development. Links to national and regional initiatives on sustainable development research. Sustainability potential of the European Research Area, and relevant events.
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Revue Développement Durable et Territoires
  Développement Durable et Territoires is a scientific electronic journal that has a interdisciplinary approach (economics, geography, politics, law, sociology) of sustainable development at the scale of territory. Giving a broader significance to the notion of environment, the journal wants to help thinking on forms and purposes of development in contemporary societies.
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