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Metafro InfoSys
  Online catalogue of data sets and data sources on Central Africa including Angola, Burundi and Rwanda. Data include documents (articles, books, CVs, theses, etc.), metadata on institutions and research projects related to Central Africa, and access to collections and library catalogues.
  This site exists in  EN
Milieu- & Natuurraad van Vlaanderen (MINA-Raad) (Flemish Environment & Nature Council)
  The MINA-Raad advises the Flemish parliament and government on all matters related to environment and nature conservation policies.
  This site exists in NL
Plantcol, Belgian plant collections
  The non-profit "Association des Jardins botaniques et des arboretums" has realised this database within the pluriannual programme of the Belgian Science Policy that sustains information society developpement. This online database contains lists of living plants collections which can be seen in belgian botanical gardens and arboreta.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
Research Projects at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
  List of the international research projects in which the institute is involved. Gives the contact persons, a description of the research and a link to the official website of the projects.
  This site exists in  EN
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
  The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) is an inter-disciplinary committee of the International Council for Science (ICSU). SCAR is charged with the initiating, developing and coordinating high quality international scientific research in the Antarctic region, and on the role of the Antarctic region in the Earth system.
  This site exists in  EN
  Species.be aims to be the online reference in the field of nomenclature and occurrence of species in Belgium. This website is designed to address a large public: researchers, decision makers, students, journalists, conservationists, and everybody who cares about nature.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
SPOT & SPOT Vegetation satellites
  The SPOT programmes result from a cooperation between Belgium, France and Sweden. The principal payload of these satellites consists of high-resolution visible/infrared optical cameras, characterized by a geometrical resolution up to 10 metres (2,5 metres for SPOT 5), and the VEGETATION instrument, a unique multi-band (visible/infrared) imager with low geometrical resolution (1 km) but with a world-wide coverage of landmasses.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
Système d'Information sur la Biodiversité en Wallonie (SIBW) (Information Services on Biodiversity in Wallonia)
  Information on biodiversity in Wallonia (databases, research projects, legislation, organisations, sites, fauna, flora...)
  This site exists in  FR
United Nations Division for Sustainable Development
  The division is dedicated to improving the welfare of present and future generations through the promotion of sustainable development. The website gives access to Agenda 21 (comprehensive plan of action for sustainable development), and other national information related to sustainable development.
  This site exists in  EN
United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
  The UNEP is divided in different sections, each dealing with an environment theme in a particular area.
  This site exists in  EN

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