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Laboratory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (RMN)
  Experimental methods development for nuclear magnetic resonance. University Faculties of Namur (FUNDP)
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Long-range Research Initiative (LRI)
  The Long-range Research Initiative (LRI) is a research programme that provides scientific information to help protect health and the environment. Launched in 1999, LRI funds independent research into the effects of chemicals on human health and the environment.
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Materia Nova
  The centre of excellence MATERIA NOVA is a centre that assists, especially small and medium -sized enterprises and industries, to achieve the highest technological levels in the materials field.
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Namur scientific computing facility
  The Namur-ISCF Center is dedicated to develop the research and teaching aspects in computational physics and chemistry. The SCF Center provides also large scale computing facilities for the theoretical physics and chemistry groups. University Faculties of Namur (FUNDP)
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Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity (NES)
  NES groups scientists active in nanotechnologies in EU, USA and Japan.
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  Nanotechnologies for Tomorrow’s Society (NanoSoc) brings together nanotechnologists, natural and social scientists, stakeholders, and citizens in the region of Flanders, Belgium, to discuss and reflect on the opportunities and challenges involved in the constructive social shaping of nanotechnologies in three particular fields of application: smart environment, bio on chip, and new materials.
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Nature for Innovative and Sustainable Solutions
  Excellency pole on agro-industrial research, centre for research and development of biodegradable material using a vegetal based origin. NATISS (ex Agrofood Valley) offers services (consulting, scientific and technical assessment, tests, analysis), notably for industry of the food, agriculture and chemical sectors.
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Olympiades de Biologie - Chimie - Physique (Biology, Chemistry, Physics Olympiads)
  Olympiads of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are yearly competitions, intended for 5th, 6th (and 7th) year pupils of secondary school in the French- and German- speaking Communities. The best participants can also apply to International Olympiads or to the European Union Science Olympiad.
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Online periodictable
  Periodic table of chemical elements. Information mainly intended for young people and for workers and unemployed people who are searching a job in the chemical industry. There is a full table, with practical applications and also a glossary and biographies of famous chemists.
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Organic Chemistry Jobs in Europe
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