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Centre de Physique du Globe in Dourbes (CPG)
  Fundamental and applied research centre under the authority of the Royal Meteorological Centre of Belgium. Its mission is the study and observation of important geophysical phenomena. English website in construction.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
Centre de Recherche du Cyclotron (CRC)
  The CRC's research describes biological aspects of the cerebral processes in the human brain, using functional neuroimaging techniques such as positron emission tomography (PET), electroencephalography (EEG), etc. University of Liège.
  This site exists in  FR
Centre de Recherche en Défense Sociale
  Research on diagnosis, etiology, treatment, reintegration of mentally disturbed persons.
  This site exists in  FR
Centre de Recherche en Economie Publique et de la Population (CREPP)
  Applying economic analysis methods to the study of public economics issues, economics in labour studies, populations. Research unit of the University of Liège.
  This site exists in  FR EN
Centre de recherche et d’information socio-politiques (CRISP) (Centre for socio-political research and information)
  The CRISP focuses on the study of decision-making in Belgium and Europe. The research objectives are to shed some light upon the real stakes of decision-making at Belgian and European level, to explain its mechanisms, and to analyze the role of all the actors involved, whether they are political, economical, social or originate from the civil society.
  This site exists in NL FR EN
Centre de recherche sur la cité grecque
  Le Centre de recherche sur la cité grecque se propose d'étudier les structures sociales, économiques et culturelles de la cité grecque depuis sa genèse jusqu'à la fin de l'Antiquité.
  This site exists in  FR
Centre de Recherches Informatique et Droit (CRID)
  The CRID performs basic and applied research on law and economics in Information Technology. Main fields of study are: e-business, intellectual property, convergence of Law and Technology, Telecommunications, privacy. The CRID is a centre of the University of Namur (FUNDP)
  This site exists in  FR
Centre de Recherches sur l'Economie Wallonne (CREW)
  The CREW (University of Namur) focuses its research on: federalism and fiscality, employment, labour costs, investment and regional dynamism (location and entrepreneurship).
  This site exists in  FR
Centre de Sociologie politique et Groupe d'études latino-américaines - GELA-IS
  The main fields of interest of this research centre of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Free University of Brussels - ULB) are : sociology of the State, citizenship, gender relations, latino-american studies and methodology of politics.
  This site exists in  FR
Centre de Terminologie de Bruxelles (CTB) (Terminology Centre of Brussels)
  The CTB conducts research on terminology :
  • theoretical studies on terms, linguistic, socioterminologic, documentary and logical characteristics of scientific and technical terms
  • elaboration of speciality dictionaries, vocabularies, lexica and glossaries.
  This site exists in  FR

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