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European Research Area (ERA)
  The ERA is regrouping all European Community supports for a better coordination of research activities and the convergence of research and innovation policies, at national and EU levels.
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European Research Conferences (Euresco)
  EURESCO Conferences are a programme of the European Science Foundation (ESF), with funding from the High Level Scientific Conferences Activity of the European Commission. Each conference consists of a series of meetings, held typically every other year. There are neither written contributions nor proceedings. Unconventional ideas and new approaches, not yet fully explored, are encouraged. The conferences are open to all scientists, whether from academia or industry. List of the conferences by year and discipline.
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European Science Foundation (ESF)
  The European Science Foundation promotes high quality science at a European level. It acts as a catalyst for the development of science by bringing together leading scientists and funding agencies to debate, plan and implement pan-European initiatives
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European Science Foundation Forward Looks
  Instrument, which enable Europe’s scientific community to develop medium to long term views and analyses of future research developments in multidisciplinary topics, and interact with the policy makers from ESF member organisations. The aim is to bring together scientific foresight and national and European planning for research funding.
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European Science Foundation's Eurocores Programme
  Eurocores has been created in order to complement the EU Framework Programme with an effective and efficient mechanism for multinational collaboration within Europe in basic research.It brings together national funding agencies, national research organisations and their analogues.
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European Science Foundation's Scientific Networks
  The ESF Scientific Networks discuss, plan, innovate, analyse or co-ordinate research. They bring together scientists to explore the potential of developing and carrying out research at a European level. They give rise to other ESF activities such as scientific Programmes or European Research Conferences. List of the current networks for each discipline.
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European Science Foundation's Scientific Programmes
  Medium- to long-term activities focused on specific themes bringing together substantive research projects carried out by multinational teams of researchers. Programmes last an average of three to five years and are funded on an à la carte basis by the Foundation's member organisations. List of the current programmes for each discipline.
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European Space research and applications supported by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office
  List and links in relation with space research and applications activities funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office.
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European Strategy Forum for Research infrastructures
  The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures aims to support a coherent and strategy–led approach to policy making on research infrastructures in Europe. It also facilitates multilateral initiatives leading to a better use and development of research infrastructures.
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European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN)-Belgian National Focal Point
  ETFRN is a European focal point for information exchange and debate on tropical forest research activities at international level. The central ETFRN website serves as a portal or gateway to European research capacity (directory) in the area of forests in the tropics, subtropics and Mediterranean. An ETFRN News Bulletin is distributed through the sixteen National Focal Points; for Belgium the National Focal Point is run by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office.
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