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Milieu- en energietechnologie-innovatieplatform (MIP) (Environment and Energy Technology Platform)
  The MIP brings together important players (authorities, business and research organizations) in various areas in relation with environmental and energy technology.
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Mobiel 21 (outcome of Langzaam Verkeer)
  This non-profit association 21 is a centre for knowledge development, education and behavioural change on the field of sustainable and safe transport and mobility.
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  Nanotechnologies for Tomorrow’s Society (NanoSoc) brings together nanotechnologists, natural and social scientists, stakeholders, and citizens in the region of Flanders, Belgium, to discuss and reflect on the opportunities and challenges involved in the constructive social shaping of nanotechnologies in three particular fields of application: smart environment, bio on chip, and new materials.
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National Botanic Garden of Belgium
  The Institute has the responsibility to safeguard the heritage of the past such as plant collections, historic buildings, herbaria, libraries and craftsmanship and to provide a legacy for the future. The collections contain a huge amount of information on the worldwide diversity of plants and are available for Belgian and foreign researchers. Information and education are provided for a wide audience.
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National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), Denmark: jobs
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Plantcol, Belgian plant collections
  The non-profit "Association des Jardins botaniques et des arboretums" has realised this database within the pluriannual programme of the Belgian Science Policy that sustains information society developpement. This online database contains lists of living plants collections which can be seen in belgian botanical gardens and arboreta.
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Policy Support System for Carbon Capture and Storage
  This project under the Federal research programme ‘Science for a Sustainable Development’ aims at simulating the initiation and evolution of Carbon Capture and Storage as an economic activity in Belgium.
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Programm "Society and Future": Second call for proposals
  On February 25, 2005, the Council of Ministers approved the research programme "Society and Future". The first call for proposals took place in 2005 and the second one was launched in September 2006 by the Belgian Science Policy Office. The second call includes two phases: (I) submission of the pre-proposals and (II) submission of the full proposals. These full proposals can only be submitted by research teams who succeeded in the first phase.
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Research for Sustainable Development
  This web portal is the entry point to information on FP7's contribution to sustainable development. Links to national and regional initiatives on sustainable development research. Sustainability potential of the European Research Area, and relevant events.
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Research Unit for Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation
  Historical-ecological research in deciduous forests, topics related to the ecology of plants, effects of human disturbance on plant diversity, plant population viability and plant population genetics. Human disturbance includes habitat fragmentation, agricultural practices, recreational trampling and global change. Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven).
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