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Materia Nova
  The centre of excellence MATERIA NOVA is a centre that assists, especially small and medium -sized enterprises and industries, to achieve the highest technological levels in the materials field.
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Metaalkunde en Toegepaste Materiaalkunde (MTM) Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
  Research in the field of material sciences and industrial applications. Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven).
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Nano Centre of Excellence
  Centre of Excellence for nanotechnology at the University of Antwerp (UA).
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Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity (NES)
  NES groups scientists active in nanotechnologies in EU, USA and Japan.
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  Nanotechnologies for Tomorrow’s Society (NanoSoc) brings together nanotechnologists, natural and social scientists, stakeholders, and citizens in the region of Flanders, Belgium, to discuss and reflect on the opportunities and challenges involved in the constructive social shaping of nanotechnologies in three particular fields of application: smart environment, bio on chip, and new materials.
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Polymer Interreg III
  A crossborder pole of excellence in the field of polymer materials and composites.
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Research Centre in Micro and Nanoscopic Materials and Electronic Devices (Cermin)
  Research Centre of the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) created to formalize the collaboration between different research laboratories of the university. The activities cover experimental and theoretical studies of micro- and nanoscopic devices and materials, including their use for specific applications.
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Scientific and Technical Service Centre for the Belgian Textile Industry
  Centexbel is a private membership based organisation offering technological services to the textile industry while developing high technology knowledge thanks to a multidisciplinary approach and partnerships. Centexbel coordinates the Belgian effort on standardization.
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Scientific Glass Institute (InV)
  Provides concrete and innovating solutions to companies active in glass production, glass equipment, ceramics or refractories. The service goes from technical assistance, expertise, tests and controls, down to certification.
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  Walloon competitivity pole for aerospace technology.
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