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Objectif Recherche (Focus Research)
  Belgian Association for the Advancement of Science, Objectif Recherche is a network of scientists from all Belgian Universities. Its main goals are: enhancing communication between scientists; establishing dialogue with authorities in charge of Science Policy and diffusing science to the public.
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Olympiade Mathématique Belge (Belgian Mathematics Olympiad)
  Annual Mathematics contest open to all pupils of the french speaking secondary schools of Belgium or Luxembourg.
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Olympiades de Biologie - Chimie - Physique (Biology, Chemistry, Physics Olympiads)
  Olympiads of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are yearly competitions, intended for 5th, 6th (and 7th) year pupils of secondary school in the French- and German- speaking Communities. The best participants can also apply to International Olympiads or to the European Union Science Olympiad.
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Online periodictable
  Periodic table of chemical elements. Information mainly intended for young people and for workers and unemployed people who are searching a job in the chemical industry. There is a full table, with practical applications and also a glossary and biographies of famous chemists.
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Paroles de chercheurs (ULB Podcast)
  Each 2 weeks a scientist of ULB presents his/her research in an interview with a science journalist. These interviews are also available on iTunes and in a RSS feed.
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Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium
  The Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium is one of the largest in Europe. The website contains descriptions of the shows which are performed.
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Princess Elisabeth Antarctica
  The Belgian Princess Elisabeth Antarctic Research station. This is the first zero emission research station.
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  Science diffusion web site of the University of Liège (ULg).
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  Réjouisciences makes science accessible to the general public (lectures, permanent and temporary exhibitions in musea, etc.) and to schools (continuing education for teachers, practical exercises for pupils, an exhibition on Physics and Chemistry, Printemps des Sciences in March, etc.) Réjouisciences is located at the University of Liège.
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research * eu, Magazine on European Research
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