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Institut de biologie et de médecine moléculaires (IBMM) (Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine)
  The IBMM groups the Department of Molecular Biology and the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research into Human and Nuclear Biology of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). A list of the different research subjects is given with a description.
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Institut national de Criminalistique et de Criminologie - Nationaal Instituut voor Criminalistiek en Criminologie (INCC-NICC)
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Institute Born-Bunge (IBB)
  The IBB is a private research institute active in the field of neurology (neurobiology, neuropathology, neurogenetics,...) and cardiological disorders. The IBB laboratories are integrated in the University of Antwerp.
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Institute of Nature Conservation
  Scientific institute of the Flemish Community carrying out research in all matters related to nature conservation. A large part of research concerns the environmental and habitat requirements of various species, and the way in which changes in their environment influence organisms.
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Instituut voor Lanbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO) Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research
  ILVO is a multi-disciplinary research institute. The research activities are mainly oriented towards developing sustainable agricultural and fishery systems and controlling the quality and safety of agricultural and nutritional products.
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Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek (INBO) (Research Institute for Nature and Forest)
  INBO is the central institute in Flanders in charge of scientific research and services in the field of greenery, forests, fauna, fish stocks and their management.
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Interfacultary centre for marine research (MARE)
  Research: oceanology as a multidisciplinary field of studies, relative to applied sciences (hydrography, marine hydrodynamics, coastal and offshore engineering, sciences (marine chemistry, biology and geosciences, mathematics), veterinary sciences and law. University of Liège (ULg).
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Interfacultary Centre of Biomaterials
  The research disciplines of this centre cover the fields of material synthesis and characterization (polymer, metal, ceramic, biopolymers) ; material processing : dispersed materials (micro- nanoparticles, …), hydrogels, porous scaffolds, surface coating; testing (in vitro, in vivo); preclinical and clinical investigations.
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Journal of Biology
  Journal of Biology is an international journal, providing immediate free access to research articles of exceptional interest of a similar standard to those found in Nature, Science and Cell.
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Laboratoire de physiologie animale
  Research on the ovines: reproduction (fecondity genes, endocrinal control of ovarian cycle, fertilization), nutrition, breeding management and ethology.
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