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Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)
  Federal Scientific Institution performing research in astronomy-related fields, geodynamics and seismology.
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Science Connection
  Free publication (five times a year) of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. It is designed to provide an in-depth review of the Office's various components.
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  Science promotion for schools, entreprises and the general public. Scienceinfuse is a member of the "Scité" network, involving Science Faculties of 5 French speaking universities.
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  Sciences Transfrontalières is a network of associations active in science diffusion. Activities are exhibitions, lectures, debate sessions, training courses, etc. As part an interregional European programme (Interreg III), it groups centres of the Walloon Region and of the French territorial divisions Aisne, Picardie and Nord.
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  A hundred interactive hands-on experiments using light, sound, smell and touch. Scientastic exists since 1994.
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  The 5 Sciences Faculties of the French speaking universities (FUNDP, UCL, ULB, ULg et UMH) were associated under the authority of the Walloon Region in order to promote science diffusion to schools and public(vulgarization lectures, teachers training, welcome of schools, writing and diffusion of information documents, websites, etc.)
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  A YouTube-like web site for scientists, where they can upload and publish videos related to their research.
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Service de diffusion des sciences et des techniques (Région Wallonne) (Service for dissemination of sciences and techniques)
  The Walloon Region aims to promote and disseminate scientific and technical culture by funding science and technique diffusion projects and creating networks in order to make it easier.
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Space Pole
  Website of the Space Pole of the Belgian Science Policy Office. The Pole groups the Royal Observatory of Belgium, the Royal Meteorological Institute, the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy and the planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium.
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  Species.be aims to be the online reference in the field of nomenclature and occurrence of species in Belgium. This website is designed to address a large public: researchers, decision makers, students, journalists, conservationists, and everybody who cares about nature.
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