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Square Brussels Meeting Centre
  Since 1958, the Brussels Palais des Congrès, an efficient and flexible hub of communication and exchange, has hosted national and international events (a.o. scientific conferencies) of all sizes and in every sector of activity. The site of the Palais des Congrès has been fully renovated and is since October 2009 become Square Brussels Meeting Centre.
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  Stimulus is a new ICT project that stimulates the teaching of Sciences in secondary schools. It is supported by the Flemish Community and by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Project achievement by the Research and Development Communication Department of the VUB.
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Technopolis- The Flemish Science Centre
  It is an educative and popularization centre which illustrates science and technology through numerous interactive exhibits.
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Télédétection et SIG en aide à la conservation du patrimoine mondial
  Remote Sensing and Geographic information systems (GIS) in support of World Heritage Conservation. This website aims to demonstrate the usability of remote sensing for cartography, land cover change studies and support to World Heritage site management and conservation, using the example of 5 particular World Heritage sites. This website is financed by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office.
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UNESCO Archive Portal
  The UNESCO Archive Portal provides links to national, regional, municipal and university archives. Many other archive-related resources are referenced, such as software and internet, education, organizations, conferences and meetings.
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Virtual Museum
  The Virtual Museum is a platform for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) related to science and technology. It presents three projects: ComiX-Files, Stimulus and the Virtual Museum itself. These projects are respectively devised for three categories of young people. It has been achieved by the Communication Department of the VUB and is supported by the Region of Brussels Capital.
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Vlaamse Olympiades voor Natuurwetenschappen
  These "olympic" competitions aims to lead 5th and 6th year pupils of secundary school to to go into Natural Sciences in depth. Olympiads allow selecting young people who will represent Flanders at the internationale Olympiads.
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Vlaamse Wiskunde Olympiades (Flemish Mathematics Olympiad)
  Flemish pupils of the 5th and 6th year of the secondary school take part in the competition named "Vlaamse Wiskunde Olympiade" (VWO), the Flemish Mathematics Olympiad, while pupils of 3rd and 4th year participate in the "Junior Wiskunde Olympiade" (JWO).
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Wetenschapsinformatienetwerk (WIN)
  WIN is network of persons and organizations active in the diffusion of science, techniques and technological innovation. The web site contains news, activities, projects and a forum.
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  Planète Nature is a label determined by a charter. It is awarded to radio and TV broadcast programs such as daily news, magazines, documentaries, microprogrammes, debates, special programs.
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